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William Chris Virtual Tasting

Today’s pick is an easy decision, it was the William Chris virtual wine tasting. Hands down, WCV is our favorite winery, and their virtual tastings are must-watch TV / live streams.

Thank me later after watching today’s virtual wine tasting… And then come over and drink some William Chris wine with Katie and me! 🍷🍷

William Chris Vineyards Virtual Wine tasting

We generally, like 99.9% of the time, get together with friends *and* wine and celebrate / watch. Example A. from our “watch party” tonight.

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Can I just say YES!! William Chris Virtual drinking has returned. Their is no measure for the spirits (literally and figuratively) around virtual wine sharing with our Framily!! From full in wine need to culinary exploration to 4-10 bottles; a never ending experience that expands the measure of seemingly a routine week.

If you haven’t joined in – you simply don’t know what your missing. Monét and I are endlessly delighted to have been introduced and now living what William Chris wine company holds dearest – world class wine texas grown and bringing people together in the Texas wine experience

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